Department of Traumatology

We welcome you to the website of the Department of Traumatology (Trauma Surgery) of the University Hospital Zurich. As a nationally certified trauma center, the clinic specializes in the treatment of all types of injuries.

Department of Traumatology

University Hospital Zurich
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 255 23 99

Traumatology clinic

USZ Airport
The Circle 59
8058 Zurich-Airport
Tel. +41 44 255 27 55

Through close cooperation with neighboring departments and an efficient intensive care unit, we are the point of contact for multiple and severe injuries of all kinds, especially those with serious concomitant injuries such as head, thoracic, abdominal and vascular injuries. By dividing them into special treatment teams within the Department of Traumatology, patients with individual injuries are cared for by sustainably trained experts.

Joint replacement surgery can also be performed, especially for joint injuries such as the shoulder and hip. Another team takes care of post-injury care, rehabilitation, and follow-up surgery for deformities, delayed fracture healing (pseudarthrosis), or soft tissue and bone infections.

Our range of services also includes the preparation of specialist reports after injuries and a special consultation hour for professional reintegration, all with the aim of achieving the quickest and most comprehensive recovery possible. If you need a second opinion for this, contact us by mail.

Special consultation hours

In addition to the general trauma surgery consultation hours, the Department of Traumatology offers numerous special consultation hours run by certified specialists:

Trauma Center University Hospital Zurich - Treatment of severely injured patients

The treatment of polytrauma (severely injured) patients is complex and challenging. The treating specialists must assess the severity and urgency of the injury under time pressure and determine the optimal further diagnostics and treatment.

For the treatment of severely injured patients, a service allocation was made to currently 12 selected centers. They currently best meet the conditions for ensuring nationwide coverage. We are one of the 12 selected trauma centers.