Procedure in an emergency


All walk-in patients receive an immediate triage on admission. Our specially trained nursing staff assess the severity and urgency of the illness or accident. Triage is carried out according to the Emergency Severity Index (ESI).

Emergency Severity Index (ESI)

Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME)

If there is a high volume of patients with waiting times, we will take a blood sample at the control center in advance, if necessary, and send you for an X-ray. The aim is to make more effective use of waiting time.

Waiting times

Due to the large number of patients, there may be waiting times at peak times. We always endeavor to keep these as short as possible. We keep patients continuously informed about the current status.

Medical examination and initial treatment

The interdisciplinary medical team examines emergency patients promptly and initiates the necessary further clarifications and treatment steps in close cooperation with the nursing team.

Involvement of specialists and further treatment

We can call in specialists at the USZ at any time and initiate complex treatments at short notice. If medically necessary, we treat patients directly in a specialized USZ clinic.

Fast Track

Our aim in Fast Track is to provide fast, competent treatment. In this separate treatment area, we treat all patients with minor emergencies that require fewer resources (ESI 4-5).

ESI 4-5