Billing for International Patients

For patients and their families coming from their home countries for medical care to USZ, we would like to make it as easy as possible. If you'd like to be covered for care from our specialists, it is important that you understand your financial obligation.


You will need to pay a deposit to ensure that the costs for your treatment at University Hospital Zurich will be covered. The amount of the deposit is not a quote or a fixed price, but a non-binding estimate of the expected costs. The final amount will be invoiced after your treatment is completed, and is based on the actual cost as per our tariffs and the University Hospital Zurich schedule of charges (Taxordnung des Universitätsspitals Zürich) and its implementation rules. The deposit can be paid by postal order, bank transfer, credit card, or in cash. Please note that we can only accept cash payments up to CHF 10,000. We request that you transfer any amount due before your admission and present a copy of the transfer request on your arrival. Please contact your patient relations manager if you would like to make an online payment with your credit card.


A detailed final invoice for your treatment will be issued around six weeks after the end of your treatment. Any balance in your favour will be reimbursed in accordance with the instructions provided in the admission form.


To speed up the refund process, please complete the admission form below. Please hand this form to your patient relations manager on admission at the latest. If the costs actually invoiced are lower than the deposit you paid, we will refund the difference and transfer the amount to your account. If you paid the deposit by credit card, we can credit your card with the amount to be refunded. Please note that due to the high transaction fees, any refund amounting to less than CHF 100.00 will only be paid out at the USZ main cashier (advance notice required).

Additional payments

In the event that the costs exceed the deposit you paid before your treatment is complete, we require an additional payment to ensure that these costs are covered.