Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

The electronic patient record (EPR) is a collection of personal documents containing information about your health. Both you and your healthcare professionals can access this information at any time via a secure Internet connection. You decide who can view which documents and when.

Do you have an electronic patient record (EPR)?

We will be happy to provide you with the reports and medical documents in your EPD shortly after your treatment at the USZ. You do not need to do anything for this.

Give us your access authorization

If you would also like the doctors treating you to have access to your dossier, please grant us access authorization before your visit.

Information on access authorizations and the procedure for this can be found on the official eHealth Suisse information platform for the electronic patient record: Granting access rights. Please authorize the group “University Hospital Zurich: All clinics”.

Meaning of the access authorization

Granting access authorization means that the persons or groups you have authorized can access your electronic patient record and view documents available there and download them to the USZ hospital information system. Further information on this can be found in the declaration of consent or the general terms and conditions of the XAD parent company.


If you have any questions about the electronic patient dossier in connection with your treatment at the USZ, please contact:

Mail epd@usz.ch

Further information on the electronic patient dossier can be found on the official eHealth Suisse information platform.

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