Care Team

Patients who are seriously ill, have had an accident or are dying require intensive medical and nursing care. Treatment teams often do not have enough capacity to support relatives who are unexpectedly confronted with this difficult situation. The Care Team provides relief for the treatment team and for you as a relative.

What we offer:

An unexpected admission to hospital, a deterioration in the condition of your relative(s) or a death, but also more everyday events, regardless of the extent of the damage, can represent a crisis situation for those affected. We are then there for you.

  • Our aim is to provide psychosocial first aid and restore the affected person’s ability to act.
  • The members of the Care Team provide you with short-term, competent and non-religious support during these acute and stressful events.
  • Our service is free of charge for you.


The interdisciplinary care team includes experienced employees from the fields of nursing, medical therapy, social services and pastoral care.


If you would like support from a Care Team member, please contact the responsible nurse or the doctor treating your relative. The Care Team is available around the clock, and nurses and doctors are happy to make the Care Team available to you.

Additional information for relatives and affected persons

You have experienced a stressful event or are currently in a stressful situation.

With this information sheet, we would like to provide you with important information that may be helpful in your situation: