Portrait Jaqueline Aeby

Jaqueline Aeby
Dr. med.

Attending Physician, Institute of Anesthesiology


  • Cardiac anesthesia
  • Cardiac & vascular surgery intensive care medicine


Tel. +41 43 253 25 93


Since 2022 Attending Physician in cardiac anesthesia and intensive care medicine, University Hospital Zurich
2022 Specialist in anesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich
2021-2022 General Anesthesiology & Cardiac Anesthesia, University Hospital Zurich
2021 Specialist in intensive care medicine, Inselspital Bern
2019-2021 Intensive Care Medicine, Inselspital Bern
2018-2019 Internal Medicine, Spital STS AG Thun
2019 Doctorate University of Basel
2017-2018 Intensive Care Medicine, Surgical Intensive Care Unit Cantonal Hospital Aarau
2015-2017 Anesthesiology, Aarau Cantonal Hospital
2014-2015 Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel (CRIB)
2014 Approbation




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