Portrait Sebastian Euler

Sebastian Euler
PD Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Vice Director of Department, Department of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine


  • Diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders
  • Psychosomatic medicine, esp. Somatoform disorders, eating disorders, psycho-oncology and psycho-cardiology
  • Mentalization-based therapy


Tel. +41 44 255 97 00

Other competencies

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Team and case supervision
  • Medical communication


2020 Habilitation, University of Zurich
2020 Consultant and liaison psychiatry SSCLPP
2019 MBT Trainer and Supervisor AFNCCF
2017-2018 Senior Research Fellow University College of London (UCL), Prof. Peter Fonagy
2016 Psychoanalytic psychotherapist EFPP
2015 CAS Leadership BFH
2014 Psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine SAPPM
2014 Group psychotherapy and group analysis D3G
2010-2018 Attending Physician, University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) Basel, Center for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy
2010-2018 Psychiatric-psychosomatic consultant at Reha Rheinfelden
2010 Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy FMH
2009-2010 Resident Reha Rheinfelden
2005-2009 Resident / Vice Attending Physician, University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) Basel
2004 Doctorate, Center for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, JLU
2003-2005 Resident at the Cantonal Psychiatric Clinic Wil
2000-2003 Research Employee of the Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, JLU Giessen (D)

Board memberships

  • Swiss Society for Consultative Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatics SSCLPP, Board Member, President of the Continuing Education Committee
  • European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy EFPP. Board member of the German-speaking Switzerland section
  • MBT D-A-CH, First Deputy Chairman Chairman


  • Swiss Academy for Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine SAPPM
  • Society of Psychotherapy Research SPR
  • International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders ISSPD
  • European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders ESSPD
  • German Society for Group Psychotherapy and Group Analysis D3G
  • German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology DGPPN
  • Swiss Medical Association FMH
  • Swiss Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy SGPP

Research focus

  • Psychopathology and predictors of the course of therapy for personality disorders
  • Personality factors and mentalization in psychosomatics
  • Influence of psychosocial factors in somatic medicine

Book Publications

  • Euler S: Mentalizing in personality disorders. Stuttgart: Klett Cotta. 2021
  • Euler S. & Walter M.: Mentalization-based psychotherapy (MBT). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2nd edition, 2020
  • Walter M, Sollberger D & Euler S: Addiction and personality disorders. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2nd edition, 2022


  • Co-editorship: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy PDP, Stuttgart: Schattauer.


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