Portrait Susanne Wegener

Susanne Wegener
Prof. Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Department of Neurology

Other functions at USZ


  • Stroke and neuroangiology (duplex sonography)
  • Headache
  • Primary and secondary prevention


Tel. +41 44 255 55 11

Other competencies

  • Cerebral imaging
  • Cardiovascular health of women
  • EEG
  • Translational stroke research


09/2017 SNF Professor (Prof. Dr. med.), University of Zurich
2015 Habilitation (Privatdozentin), University of Zurich
2017 SGKN Certificate Electroencephalography
since 2011 Attending Physician, Department of Neurology, USZ
2012 SGKN certificate cerebrovascular sonography
2011 Specialist in neurology
2010 Resident (01-04/2010) and senior physician (04-12/2010), Gerontopsychiatry, PUK, Zurich
09/2007 – 12/2009 Resident, Department of Neurology, USZ
09/2004 – 09/2007 Postdoctoral researcher at UCSD, La Jolla, USA
07/2003 – 08/2004 Postdoctoral researcher, MPI for Neurological Research, Cologne
01/2001 – 06/2003 Resident, Department of Neurology, Charité, Berlin
1997 – 2001 Doctoral thesis at the Center for Molecular Neurobiology, Hamburg (ZMNH)
2002 Graduate studies in molecular biology, University of Hamburg
Medical studies at the University of Hamburg

Most important memberships

  • Center for Neurosciences Zurich (ZNZ) Group Leader since 08/2013, ZNZ Steering Committee since 08/2017
  • Swiss Headache Society
  • European Stroke Organization (ESOC)
  • Swiss Stroke Society (SHG)
  • Swiss Society for Neuroscience
  • Zurich neurologists

Research focus

  • Translational stroke research
  • Prediction of recovery in acute stroke
  • The interplay between microcirculation and plasticity in stroke (KFSP Stroke)
  • Reperfusion failure in stroke
  • Cardiovascular health of women
  • Optoacoustic imaging in cerebrovascular diseases


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Prof. Dr. Susanne Wegener divides her everyday life between clinic and research and talks about discoveries that can save lives. Your working day is dominated by moments when everything has to happen at the same time.

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