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17. Jan 2024

Dental care promotes a healthy heart

Infections in the mouth are usually harmless. However, their pathogens can spread in the body and trigger secondary diseases. Good oral hygiene and dental care help to prevent this.
16. Jan 2024

The strength of the female body

Women have more body fat and less muscle mass, a smaller heart and less lung volume. Nevertheless, they are resilient. This shows their life expectancy.
10. Jan 2024


Congratulations to Prof. Dominik Schneidawind and Prof. Chiara Magnani (with participating partners Prof. Berend Snijder, Prof. Burkhard Becher, Prof. Dario Neri, MGM) for receiving a highly compet...
21. Dec 2023

What are the benefits of detox products?

The range of detox products is huge. Supposedly they can rid the body of harmful substances or cleanse the intestines.
21. Dec 2023

On the way to becoming a superhuman?

"Biohackers" are striving for the human 2.0, the optimized body and mind. Their methods range from lifestyle changes to experiments with their own DNA. A trend with risks.
20. Dec 2023

World’s first reconstructive surgery on the central lymphatic system using a microsurgery robot at University Hospital Zurich

Because it was not possible to remove a hard-to-reach bulge in the central lymphatic system, a team of doctors from the Department of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the University Hospital Zur...
18. Dec 2023

Understanding tumors better with new algorithms – and fighting them better

The University Hospital Zurich, the University of Zurich and the diagnostics company Roche are expanding their collaboration in cancer research. In the fully digitized Morphomolecular Pathology Lab...
11. Dec 2023

HIFU therapy for prostate cancer: how patients are doing after three years

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has established itself as a gentle alternative therapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. A study by the Department of Urology at the USZ has n...
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