Program for exercise and sport in cancer

The program for "Exercise and Sport in Cancer" supports cancer patients at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCCZ) with individually tailored exercise training for holistic physical care.

We are there for you when

  • you want to better manage your cancer disease and therapy through exercise and sports.
  • you want to alleviate or prevent the consequences and side effects of therapy.

Physical activity in the context of an oncological disease can have a variety of positive effects on the disease itself and also on the side effects of the therapy. Anxiety as well as depressive symptoms and fatigue are reduced by regular combined strength and endurance training. Quality of life and physical performance show significant improvement in many cases.

In the Program for Exercise, Sport and Cancer at the CCCZ, an interdisciplinary team with specialists from various fields of sports medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports therapy, sports science and oncology at Zurich University Hospital and Balgrist University Hospital works closely together to put together a personalized exercise program for cancer patients.

Our offers

  • Screening and needs assessment for physical activity (cardiopulmonary performance, strength, postural stability/balance, coordination).
  • Individual consultation and training control taking into account existing or potential problems
  • Personalized multimodal exercise, physio, and occupational therapy (endurance, strength, vibration, sensorimotor, and cognitive training).
  • Sport-specific build-up training, also for ambitious athletes
  • Performance diagnostic tests (ergometry, spiroergometry, pulmonary function test)
  • Courses offered for yoga and pilates

In our movement and sports therapy, you exercise under professional guidance. The training is adapted to your current performance level and takes place as individual or group training.

Program for exercise and sport in cancer

Sport and exercise in cancer

Scientific studies show that exercise and sport help cancer patients to better tolerate the side effects of cancer therapy and to better cope with the disease. In addition, healing can be promoted and the risk of relapse, and thus mortality, can be reduced.

Positive effects that can be achieved through exercise and sport in cancer:

  • The risk of relapse and thus mortality can be reduced
  • The chronic fatigue is positively influenced
  • Sensory disturbances caused by chemotherapy are improved
  • Swelling after lymph node removal can be reduced
  • Mobility after surgery is promoted and limitations due to scar tissue are reduced
  • The performance is increased
  • The ability to remember and memorize improves
  • Anxiety and stress decrease

The program for exercise and sport in cancer is a cooperation between Zurich University Hospital and Balgrist University Hospital.

For patients

A prescription is required to register for therapy. This will be issued by your doctor. Contact your doctor or the staff of the specialized nursing consultations at the CCCZ if you have any questions or would like to take advantage of our exercise and sports offerings.

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