Education and training in oncology

The Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich teaches the next generation of talented scientists, physicians and oncology professionals in all aspects of innovative cancer medicine and cancer research.

Training and Education at CCCZ

The PhD and Master Program in Cancer Biology at the University of Zurich coordinates, under the umbrella of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich, an extensive training program for doctoral candidates, master’s students, encompassing all aspects of innovative cancer research. Learn more.

PhD Program Cancer Biology Master Program Cancer Biology

The Fellow & Funding Program of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich supports the education and training of outstanding scientists and physicians in oncology.

The program awards 2-year fellowships to postdoctoral fellows and physician-scientists conducting research through a competitive selection process and effectively integrates research into medical education and training (protected research time). Fellows will be closely involved in CCCZ research community labs, meetings, and communications as part of their fellowships and projects. Learn more.

CCCZ Fellow Program

The CCCZ curriculum offers multidisciplinary oncology training for residents, covering relevant topics in internal oncology, surgical oncology, and radio-oncology in a structured manner.

CCCZ Curiculum