CCCZ Research Area – Epigenetics, Genetics and Genomics


Focus topics

  • DNA repair pathways
  • Genome (in)stability
  • DNA damage response
  • Replication stress
  • Gene regulation
  • Functional (epi)genomics
  • DNA methylation, histone modifiers, chromatin remodelers
  • Genome engineering
  • Develop targeted precision anti-cancer therapies

Specific Aims

  • Understand the mechanistic basis of genome rearrangements arising during perturbed DNA replication in stem- and somatic cells, playing key roles in cancer onset and therapy
  • Understand how deregulation of genome integrity maintenance in cancer cells creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited therapeutically
  • Identify novel molecular mechanisms of gene regulation and revealing potential targets for cancer therapy
  • Decipher the molecular framework of DNA damage signalling and repair for the rational design of targeted anti-cancer therapies
  • Develop new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer, which are based on targeting specific DNA-repair pathways
  • Understand how embryonic cell programs are harnessed by cancer and to model tumor formation in vivo
  • Implement personalized medicine through the identification and functional characterization of key genes and pathways
  • Identify better predictive biomarkers for precision oncology and novel targets

Research groups