Research Group Dr. Carolin Steinack & PD Dr. med. Thomas Gaisl, PhD MPH

Interventionelle Pneumologie


Bronchoscopy, Cryobiopsy, Epidemiology, Robotics

Summary & Mission statement

Our research focuses on pioneering methods to enhance minimally invasive lung cancer diagnostics using advanced bronchoscopy techniques, including robotics, cone-beam CT, and cryobiopsies.


Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-related mortality in Switzerland. However, current diagnostic methods often fail to enable early diagnosis optimally. The Interventional Pulmonology Center (ILZ) at the University Hospital Zurich is at the forefront of evaluating lung nodules, whose prevalence is expected to rise with the advent of new screening programs.

Our research focuses on the clinical epidemiology of lung cancer diagnostics, particularly in peripheral pulmonary nodules, improving patient-reported outcomes, and advancing bronchoscopic methods. One key area of focus is navigation bronchoscopy, where we aim to enhance diagnostic yield through the use of robotics, intraprocedural cone-beam CT imaging, and electronavigation. Another focus is the use of cryobiopsies, where we investigate techniques to optimize cancer tissue diagnostics, which is crucial for individualized treatment based on molecular pathology.

As the largest university center in Switzerland, we leverage advanced methods and statistical expertise to work at the intersection of clinical practice and research. We are enthusiastic about our work and welcome further collaboration opportunities.

Selected Publication

Steinack C, Balmer H, Ulrich S, Gaisl T, Franzen DP. One-Lung Ventilation during Rigid Bronchoscopy Using a Single-Lumen Endotracheal Tube: A Descriptive, Retrospective Single-Center Study. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2023 12 (6), 2426