CCCZ Research Area – Imaging, Technology Development and Digitalization

Focus topics

  • Innovative MRI sequences and targeted PET tracers
  • Quantitative image analysis and radiomics
  • High-throughput diagnostics
  • Bioinformatincs, especially machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • Multi-systems decision-making algorithms for treatment planning and response assessment
  • Image-guided treatment
  • Computer-aided drug design
  • Virus vectors in anti-cancer treatments
  • Protein engineering to develop new protein therapeutics
  • Radioactively labeled molecules for innovative, targeted tumor therapies

Specific Aims

  • Develop and apply methods for computer-aided drug design, i.e. epigenetics targets (bromodomains) and RNA-binding proteins (m6A readers)
  • Using virus vectors for anti-cancer treatments
  • Establish radiomics biomarkers as a standard component in personalized health outcome modelling
  • Use protein engineering to develop new protein therapeutics
  • Develop radioactive drugs for non-invasive diagnosis and therapy of metastatic cancerous lesions

Research groups