Research Group Nikola Biller-Andorno


Biomedical ethics, Patient-centered health care, Shared-decision-making, Patient preferences, Patient experiences

Summary & Mission statement

We harness the potential of digitalization and AI to develop smart tools that facilitate patient involvement in clinical decision-making. Our mission: Putting the patient as a person – with his or her individual values, priorities and preferences – at the center of personalized medicine.


We use empirical data on patient experiences and preferences to inform patient information, decision aids and PROM development. Patient narratives are collected in the context of qualitative studies focused on selected health conditions and made available through the Swiss Database of Patient Experiences ( Currently, we experiment with automated analyses drawing on NLP methods. PubliCo, a citizen engagement platform tool our group developed as part of the SNSF call on coronaviruses, is used to map patient preferences on issues such prostate cancer screening at a population level. The work is situated in the Mind the Patient Lab, which brings together an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, nurses, ethicists and social scientists from UZH and USZ. The newly founded Digital Health Design Living Lab aids another layer of collaboration by bringing in colleagues from the Health Department of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences as well as design experts from the Zurich University of The Arts and a number of practice partners including the Swiss Patient Organization SPO, Dialog Ethik, PMB, and Public Health Switzerland. This collaboration will greatly facilitate the user-centered design, testing and deployment of tools that can be used in clinical practice.


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