Research Group Thomas Frauenfelder


Imaging (CT and MR), Lung, Mesothelioma, Lung cancer

Summary & Mission statement

Our research focuses on medical imaging in oncology using different quantitative methods for post-processing. Our aim is to enhance the diagnostic and prognostic value of imaging in order to provide better patient care.


In recent years, we have increasingly shifted from purely technical issues to the question how imaging can support clinicians and surgeons in patient management. The focus of our research group is the development and implementation of new imaging protocols for  oncologic chest imaging. Our main area is the investigation of imaging and image post-processing for improved visualization of lung tumors focus on staging, therapy monitoring and pre­operative planning.

We have been able to become a nationally and internationally visible expert in the field of thoracic radiology. With the support of several grants from SNF, institutions and foundations, we were able to build a viable clinical research group, which publishes in renowned peer-reviewed journals. Our group works closely with other researchers inside and outside the USZ in the fields of pulmonology, rheuma­tology, thoracic surgery, oncology and pathology as well as with research groups from ETH and UZH.

Our aim is the investigation of imaging and post-processing tools for lung tumors. We focus on staging, therapy monitoring and outcome prediction of medical or surgical therapies, using methods like AI and radiomics. As therapy options are changing, our aim is to find non-invasive diagnostic tools that enable an early tumor detection (screening), characterisation (radiomics) and outcome prediction (Multiparametric AI).