Neurodermatitis therapy

As every person's symptoms are different, they must be treated individually. In general, the treatment of neurodermatitis takes time and patience.

Treatment options for neurodermatitis

  • The attending physicians therefore work together with the patient – and in the case of children with their parents – to draw up a treatment plan tailored to their personal situation. The following options are used:
  • Detailed advice on how to avoid triggers for new flare-ups.
  • The basis of any treatment for atopic dermatitis is the
    Basic therapy with moisturizing measures. Through the
    Regular use of suitable skin care (lotions, creams, etc.) and appropriate skin cleansing can often improve symptoms such as itching and the skin barrier in the long term.
  • Classic treatments with substances with or without
    cortisone or with the latest medications, for example
    with so-called calcineurin inhibitors or immunomodulators. In addition, so-called biologics, which are highly effective in suppressing individual messenger substances of inflammation, can now also be used under certain circumstances.
  • Therapies with ultraviolet light (UV-A, UV-B, including narrow-band, UV-A1). These are carried out by dermatologists in your practice and also by the Dermatology Clinic at the University Hospital Zurich.
  • The Dermatology Clinic of the University Hospital Zurich
    also offers the so-called cloth treatment. After applying ointments, the affected person is wrapped in sheets for about an hour. This greatly increases the effect of the ointments applied.
  • The use of special underwear that has an antipruritic and antibacterial effect.

Patient organization and interesting facts

Together with the aha! Allergy Center Switzerland and the Christine Kühne – Center for Allergy Research and Education, the Dermatology Clinic of the University Hospital Zurich offers atopic dermatitis counseling for adults, parents and affected children. This advice is provided by a specially trained specialist. It lasts 50 minutes and is adapted to the individual needs of the patient and their relatives. The consultation is free of charge. In cooperation with aha, we also offer parent training courses for children with atopic dermatitis, including advice on the best treatment for each stage of the disease, especially when it comes to skin care. The specialists impart medical basics and knowledge about skin care, nutrition and prevention as well as their importance in everyday life.

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Peter Schmid, Prof. Dr. med.

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Tel. +41 44 255 30 79
Specialties: Allergies of all kinds incl. Neurodermatitis and hives , Tropical and travel dermatology, Mastocytosis and histamine-mediated diseases

Marie-Charlotte Brüggen, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Department of Dermatology

Tel. +41 43 253 25 65
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