Estrogen deficiency treatment

Estrogen deficiency can usually be treated well. You can often resolve mild discomfort with simple remedies and measures. Talk to your doctor about what measures are indicated for you.

What simple remedies help with estrogen deficiency?

  • Endurance sports such as aqua gymnastics, jogging, Nordic walking, swimming and cycling
  • Nutrition
  • St. John’s wort (be careful when taking the pill, St. John’s wort can reduce the effect of birth control pills).
  • Eye drops (against dry eyes)
  • after medical consultation:
    • Calcium and vitamin D
    • Melatonin
    • Monk’s pepper
    • Black cohosh (Cimicifuga rhizome)
    • Creams or suppositories containing estrogen (for example, for vaginal dryness)
    • Laser of the genital region (vulvovaginal), as offered in the gynecological polyclinic of the USZ.

Estrogen deficiency – other treatment options at a glance

Local treatment with estrogen-containing preparations is often sufficient. Estrogen therapy or hormone replacement therapy may be considered for menopausal symptoms. Here it is necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hormone therapy together with us. Hormones should generally be taken for as short a time as possible and at the lowest possible dosage. If a hormonal contraceptive is responsible for the estrogen deficiency, switching to another preparation may help. Luteal hormone deficiency is treated with progesterone preparations.

In late-onset puberty (pubertas tarda), estrogen replacement therapy can normalize estrogen deficiency. At the same time, however, the causes of the estrogen deficiency must be investigated and remedied.

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