Immediate help after sexual violence

The Clinic for Gynecology offers you professional immediate help after sexual violence. We will treat you after a sexual assault or rape and provide you with advice and support.

Assault or rape

Have you experienced sexual assault or rape? Are you injured or worried about possible infection with diseases? Do you have no memory of the crime because you may have been given knockout drops or do you experience repeated violence in a relationship?

We will provide you with medical treatment and care after an assault. Regardless of whether or not you wish to press charges with the police.


We can secure evidence independently of a police report. If you do not yet know whether you want to make a report or not, the traces will be carried out by a specialized nurse (Forensic Nurse 0800 09 09 09 ) at our hospital.
In this case, we ask you not to wash until the examination if possible and to take your clothes with you in a paper bag (not a plastic bag) if you have changed. If you wish to make a report to the police, you will be accompanied to the hospital by the police. The forensics are carried out by the Institute of Forensic Medicine, the gynecological examination and medical treatment by us.

Did the assault occur within the last 72 hours?

You can take advantage of the following services during an appointment with us:

  • Medical gynecological examination and treatment of injuries
  • Necessary medical examinations and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, hepatitis, etc.)
  • Necessary treatment regarding contraception
  • Preservation of evidence on request, even without reporting to the police.

Was the assault more than 3 days ago?

If the assault took place more than three days ago, you can contact the victim support service beforehand. They will advise you free of charge and confidentially on how to proceed. We recommend that you still seek medical care. You can make an appointment with us or with your gynecologist or family doctor.

Further contact point

For patients

You can make an appointment with us or be treated by your family doctor or gynecologist.

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