Bacterial infectious diseases treatment

Bacterial infections can have serious consequences for the body and long-term antibiotic therapy is sometimes necessary. We advise patients with all types of bacterial infections.


We conduct research in the fields of bacterial virulence factors, bacterial persistence and biofilm production in foreign body-associated infections. The aim of our work is to optimize the treatment of bacterial infections and to find alternative treatment options.


Interdisciplinary networking and communication with other specialists in the hospital as well as individual case discussions with other specialists enable medical care to be provided in accordance with the latest medical knowledge – adapted to the needs of the patients.

We are happy to advise patients on general infectiology questions in our consultation hours at the Clinic for Infectiology and Hospital Hygiene USZ. For medical clarifications, we recommend a consultation with your family doctor with a possible referral to the Clinic for Infectiology and Hospital Hygiene USZ for more in-depth clarifications. These costs are usually covered by health insurance.

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If you would like a telephone consultation for infectiological inquiries without a desired consultation, you can call our toll-free number (CHF 3.00/min. from the start of the consultation). These costs are borne by the patient or are not covered by health insurance as it is purely a telephone consultation service, not a medical consultation.

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