Fellowship in PET/CT imaging

Since 2007, the fellowship in hybrid PET at Zurich University Hospital has hosted over 400 fellows. These fellows typically stay for a minimum of four weeks and have their own workstations in the fellows' room, where they can view and interpret the daily hybrid PET cases performed at our hospital.

This setup provides fellows with a realistic environment similar to what they will encounter when reading hybrid PET scans in their own practice. Throughout their fellowship, they are supervised by our experienced hybrid PET readers.

The fully structured fellowship program at Zurich University Hospital follows this daily schedule:

  • Self-study: Fellows study daily PET/CT cases, including some PET/MR cases, on their personal workstations.
  • Review of hybrid PET request forms: Fellows review request forms together, highlighting important patient history information.
  • Daily lecture: A 45-minute lecture on topics relevant to hybrid PET technical and clinical issues.
  • Daily case discussion: Fellows participate in case discussions with a staff physician who has extensive experience in hybrid PET reading.
  • Daily nuclear medicine and PET read-out: This includes discussion and presentation of the most interesting case of the day.
  • Special tracer days: Specific days are dedicated to non-FDG tracers such as F-choline, F-PSMA, F-FET, Ga-DOTATATE etc.

The program accommodates a maximum of 2-6 fellows at a time, aiming to train them to become independent hybrid PET readers. Fellows typically review between 8 and 16 cases per day, allowing them to review between 200 and 400 cases over a four-week period under supervision.

Details regarding the qualifications required to attend this fellowship program can be found in the pertinent PDF forms below.

Course fee (in CHF) CHF 2’800.00 (2 weeks)
​CHF 4’500.00 (4 weeks)These Fellowship Courses will be held in English, therefore knowledge of basic English is required.Cancellations up to 4 weeks before start of your Fellowship program/course will not be charged.
All cancellations within 4 weeks before start will be charged with a fee of CHF 300.00 (due to administrative costs).
Dates Dates on request (based on available slots and individual preference)

While consecutive 4 week fellowships are most desirable for efficient learning, fellows who prefer to spend the 4 weeks in two 2 week blocks can also be accommodated.

Program Entry Requirements Program Entry Requirements (PDF)
General Description Description (PDF)
​Certification Certification (PDF)
Course director Gustav K. von Schulthess, MD, PhD, MD hon
Professor and Chairman Emeritus
Department of Nuclear Medicine

Continent Number of fellows
Asia 191
Europe 138
South America 41
Africa 28
Australia 2
North America 2
Country Number of fellows
Hong Kong/China 41
Brazil 32
United Kingdom 29
Philippines 27
Germany 22
Saudi Arabia 21
Iran 18
Russia 17
India 15
South Africa 13
Poland 12
Romania 12
United Arab Emirates 12
Lithuania 10
Kuwait 9
Malaysia 9
Italy 8
Czech Republic 7
Netherlands 7
Bulgaria 6
Pakistan 6
Hungary 5
Kenya 5
Spain 5
Egypt 3
Libya 3
Mexico 3
Norway 3
Sweden 3
Switzerland 3
Argentina 2
Chile 2
Ethiopia 2
Ghana 2
Greece 2
Iraq 2
Japan 2
Jordan 2
Canada 2
Tanzania 2
Vietnam 2
Algeria 1
Australia 1
Austria 1
Bahrain 1
Colombia 1
Croatia 1
Dubai 1
Estonia 1
Kazakhstan 1
New Zealand 1
Portugal 1
Singapore 1
South Korea 1
Uruguay 1

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Testimonials from some of our fellows


I learnt interesting facts and everybody was friendly and talented. Hope to get an opportunity to come back.

Dr. Sinduja Paul Paulraj, India, USZ Fellow 2024

Collaborating with leading experts from the Nuclear Medicine field and having access to state-of-the-art facilities significantly enriched my professional growth, making it a truly memorable experience.

Dr. Harish Nagaraj, Kenya, USZ Fellow 2023

Excellent lectures and case discussions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Dr. Benard Gombanila, Tanzania, USZ Fellow 2023

Thanks for the very good organized training course. The quality was very good.

Dr. Asta Mačionė, Lithuania, USZ Fellow 2023

Thank you for the great experience that we had. This course will definitely change my practice. Thank you and I hope to see you in the future.

Dr. Greta Jurkevičiūtė-Kučinskienė, Lithuania, USZ Fellow 2023

The training program exceeded all my expectations, thanks to the exceptional expertise and dedication of the faculty members who demonstrated a genuine commitment to ensuring that every participant received comprehensive and personalized training tailored to their specific learning objectives. The hands-on clinical experience gained during case discussions was invaluable, allowing me to enhance my skills in PET/CT imaging and gain insights into the latest advancements in the field. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology available at University Hospital Zurich provided an ideal learning environment.

Dr. Muhammad Inamullah Nouman, Pakistan, USZ Fellow 2019