Education/Fellowship at the Department of Nuclear Medicine

Since the introduction of the first worldwide clinical PET/CT in March 2001 at University Hospital Zurich, we have accumulated significant expertise in hybrid imaging, which we offer to interested physicians. This is facilitated through hands-on courses and a structured fellowship program primarily tailored for nuclear medicine physicians and diagnostic radiologists.

The fellowship program emphasizes that competence in PET/CT imaging can only be achieved through daily practice under the supervision of experienced staff. In addition to practical work, specific lectures complement the learning process. Our fellowship program is designed to host fellows for a minimum of 4 weeks, allowing them to gain necessary experience and exposure to a sufficient number of cases. We accommodate a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 fellows at a time, with options for two consecutive weeks on two separate occasions. Each fellow is provided with their own workstation to facilitate reading cases at their own pace. Daily formal lectures on relevant topics in hybrid imaging are conducted as part of the program. Although we utilize GE equipment, the fellowship is designed to be applicable across various platforms.

With our international reputation, we have welcomed over 400 fellows since the inception of the program in 2007, consisting of individuals already using PET/CT or those looking to incorporate it into their practice. Feedback from fellows has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming their ability to apply the acquired knowledge in their clinical settings upon completion of the training.

Given the rising interest in understanding the clinical application of PET/MR, we are gradually incorporating discussions on this modality into our fellowship program. Additionally, we have developed a one-week hands-on hybrid PET course to complement and expand upon PET/CT and PET/MR knowledge. This course includes morning lectures and afternoon hands-on sessions at workstations.

Our fellowships

Special Arrangements

For customized training on:

  • PET/MR
  • PET radiopharmacy specialists and technicians

For any special arrangements, please reach out to us at

Applications for PET/MR special training should include:

  • Purpose of training
  • Qualifications (board certification(s), experience with PET/CT, experience with MR)
  • Expected training goals

This information will help us tailor the program to your needs. Please note that USZ department if nuclear medicine cannot guarantee availability for such special training programs. Applications must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the intended start date of the program. Typically, special training programs last for two weeks at most.