Natural birth preparation and labor-promoting measures

Currently about 20-25% of all pregnancies in Western countries are induced. To avoid induction with medication, we offer a range of natural birth preparation measures that initiate natural labor and stimulate contractions.

Why labor-promoting measures?

Currently about 20-25% of all pregnancies are induced in Western countries. For high-risk pregnant women, such as women with gestational diabetes (GDM) or “older” pregnant women over the age of 40, it is recommended to start from the expected date of delivery (T+0) or even earlier. As a pregnant woman, you may not yet be ready to induce with medication at this stage, or your body may not yet be showing any signs of spontaneous labor. Labor-promoting measures can be helpful here to support the natural efforts of labor.

What is natural birth preparation?

Natural birth preparation includes all measures designed to prepare and attune the body for birth. Labor-stimulating measures are intended to initiate labor efforts in a non-medicinal way. There is a whole range of common or frequently recommended measures for natural birth preparation and labor stimulation, such as acupuncture during pregnancy or cervical stripping.

Requirements for natural birth preparation

The basic prerequisite is a stable pregnancy and your desire for natural birth preparation or induction of labor. A natural induction can only be performed if there is no need for an immediate induction, i.e. a rapid birth is not necessary for the health of mother and child.

When to start?

The general preparatory measures can be applied at your request from 37+0 weeks’ gestation. Specific measures are implemented from 37+0 or 38+0 depending on the initial situation. Important for you to know: Waiting for the baby can be exhausting. Try to avoid stress, as this is not conducive to labor and may sap your energy reserves.


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