Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation (APR), physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Lung diseases are often chronic illnesses, making the importance of the best possible treatment and therapy all the more important. Thanks to outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation (APR), the progression and extent of the symptoms can be reduced.

With APR, we offer a comprehensive program at the University Hospital Zurich to improve physical performance, understanding of the disease and coping with it. Rehabilitation in a familiar environment enables a rapid return to everyday life, work and hobbies.


APR is an interdisciplinary rehabilitation program specifically for people with lung diseases. It comprises three parts:

  • Basic training
  • Patient training
  • Follow-up program

Basic training concept

The basic training lasts around twelve weeks and includes customized endurance and strength training and is supervised and monitored by specialists (pulmonologists and physiotherapists).

An initial medical examination forms the basis for the program.

If indicated, training is carried out with oxygen.


24 sessions over 12 weeks.

2 training sessions of 90 minutes / week, consisting of strength and endurance training

It is possible to undergo a shortened program following inpatient rehabilitation. For optimum success, the program should be completed as completely as possible.

At the beginning and at the end of the program, a pneumological examination with measurement of lung function, performance test, evaluation of quality of life and optimization of drug therapy is carried out.

A doctor’s visit takes place at least once a week during training to discuss any problems or questions.

If required, we offer smoking counseling and organize an accompanying

nutritional therapy, psychological support or social counseling.

Patient training

Patient training is an important part of APR and usually takes place four times per 12 weeks in parallel with the basic training.

The aim of patient training is to sensitize patients to their symptoms, provide them with basic knowledge for self-treatment and promote exchange between those affected.

Follow-up program

The aim of the follow-up program is to maintain the positive effects achieved in the basic training: The program offers the opportunity to continue training in the familiar environment throughout the year with the support of specialists

General conditions


The costs of the 12-week basic training course are covered by health insurance.

Organization / Further information

University Hospital Zurich
Clinic for Pneumology and Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy (PEU)


Pneumology office.+41 44 255 22 21
Alternatively, the Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Team Internal Medicine-Pneumology office: +41 44 255 22 83

Monday-Friday 8.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16.00

For patients

The therapy services are primarily available to patients of the USZ. The prescription for the therapy is issued and sent by your doctor. As a patient, you cannot register directly for a consultation/therapy.

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