Facial paralysis (facial nerve palsy): Physiotherapeutic treatment

During therapy, we first examine the face, head and neck. You will receive comprehensive information and we will discuss the specific therapeutic measures depending on the findings. You will also receive a tailored home program with behavioral and movement exercises.

The therapy may include the following:

  • Eye protection:
    The therapist helps the affected eye to close the eyelid again using specific fine techniques. You will receive instructions on how to do this yourself on a daily basis. To prevent the affected eye from drying out, it must be protected with protective goggles, eye drops/ointment and, if necessary, a so-called watch glass bandage.
  • Promotion of facial expressions (smiling, pointing the mouth…)
    You learn to perceive the different parts of the face better again and the therapist treats the affected side of the face to improve mimic function with soft tissue treatments and movement exercises.
  • Relaxation and posture exercises for the face, jaw and neck
    This reduces tension and asymmetries in the face
  • Relearning everyday functions such as speaking clearly, smiling, eating and drinking
    You will receive tips and tricks on how to eat and drink more easily if you still lack muscle activity
  • Avoid unwanted movements (synkinesia)
    As soon as muscle activity becomes visible again on the affected side, it is important to prevent facial muscles that are not involved in the intended movement from moving involuntarily and distorting facial expressions. You learn to activate the mimic muscles symmetrically and selectively.

For patients

The therapy services are primarily available to patients of the USZ. The prescription for the therapy is issued and sent by your doctor. As a patient, you cannot register directly for a consultation/therapy.

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