Upper extremities/sports injuries (knee/shoulder) treatment

The upper extremities/sports injuries team led by Dr Florin Allemann specialises in the surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the upper extremities suffered by patients of all ages from young to very old.

Main areas of treatment

  • Accident-related shoulder injuries
  • Injuries and fractures of the upper and lower arm
  • Sports injuries (ruptured cruciate ligaments, meniscus lesions, injuries of the knee, shoulder, hip and upper ankle joints)

Treatment goal

Following a detailed examination and appropriate diagnostic procedures, our main priority is to initiate the treatment most suited to the patient’s needs.

In most cases, the injury can be completely healed by following a differentiated, primarily conservative treatment regimen. Optimised, performance-oriented rehabilitation is provided in close cooperation with the highly specialised sports physiotherapists in our group of sports medicine experts.

Cutting-edge, evidence-based operations can also be performed at our hospital if surgery is required. Most joint surgery in the field of sports medicine can now be performed using minimally invasive procedures (arthroscopy). The aim of both surgical procedures and sports physiotherapy is to enable the patient to resume their sporting activities and return to peak performance as soon as possible.

Our service spectrum

  • Surgery using biological procedures and fixed-angle implants to preserve and stabilise the joint and improve its position
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder
  • Endoprosthetic joint replacements for traumatic shoulder lesions along with a wide range of implants for the patient-specific treatment of shoulder, elbow and hand injuries
  • Trauma surgery using cutting-edge osteosynthesis procedures to treat fractures and injured ligaments
  • Orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries and the long-term effects of sports accidents

Our team is on hand to provide clarification, advice, treatment, second opinions or follow-up treatment for patients referred by the physicians who have been treating them to date. You can also come to our emergency department if you have pressing questions or concerns, or make an appointment with our upper extremities/sports traumatology clinic if the problem has become chronic.

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