The Department of Traumatology’s tele-rehab service

A service for patients and their relatives provided in close cooperation between the USZ Department of Traumatology and selected rehabilitation clinics.

Before the patient is transferred, we strengthen the direct contact required for more individualised rehab planning and use this connection for the early clarification of medical and therapeutic concerns, also with regard to workplace reintegration, by holding tele-rehab consultations. These also enable us to stay in contact with our patients while they are in rehab. We attach great importance to a high degree of patient orientation.

The expert dialogue that takes place during the tele-rehab consultations facilitates therapeutic pre-screening before the patient is transferred from the USZ Department of Traumatology to the rehab clinic.

An early specialist dialogue is coordinated using tele-rehab treatment between patients (if desired, also with their relatives), specialists from our cooperation partners tele-rehab treatment and our accident surgery specialists and nursing staff as well as physiotherapists. This is intended to promote a smooth but already therapeutically pre-screened planned transition to the rehabilitation clinic, creating direct connection to specific treatment situations.

The costs have already been approved or approval sought at the same time so that the transfer can take place on the desired and planned date

Workplace reintegration through tele-rehab (consultations) in the USZ Department of Traumatology

Workplace reintegration – by means of therapeutic options/measures discussed in advance – can be discussed with the patient and all the specialists involved on a 1:1 basis by holding tele-rehab consultations at an appropriate time while the patient is still in hospital.

During the rehabilitation phase following a stay at the USZ Department of Traumatology

We do not lose sight of our patients during the rehab phase and maintain contact by means of tele-rehab consultations.

It goes without saying that we will make every effort to secure you a place in the rehabilitation clinic of your choice.

THANK YOU to our “tele-rehab partners”

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