Treating cruciate ligament injuries (knee ligament injuries)

These injuries can be treated either surgically or non-surgically (conservatively), as not every injury to the anterior cruciate ligament requires an operation. The treatment is adapted to your needs and expectations, since it must take both your professional requirements and sporting ambitions into account.

Treatment concept for cruciate ligament injuries (knee ligament injuries)

High-quality rehabilitation over a period of six to twelve months is a vital part of any treatment concept if a well-functioning outcome is to be achieved. This should take account of the healing process itself and the patient’s trust in the restored stability of their knee. Optimised, performance-oriented rehabilitation is provided in close cooperation with the highly specialised sports physiotherapists in our “Trauma & Sport” group.

If minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy) is required on account of your needs and expectations, due to additional injuries (meniscus or cartilage injuries) or because your knee is still unstable despite thorough rehabilitation, the choice of surgical technique and transplant used to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament will be made and adjusted in line with your specific requirements. In this situation, we offer reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament by means of an arthroscopy procedure that considers and respects the factors specific to your knee.

Choice of treatment concept – conservative or surgical

Not every injury to the anterior cruciate ligament has to be treated surgically. The choice of treatment concept – conservative or surgical – is individually adjusted to your needs and expectations.

Once other knee injuries have been ruled out, e.g. meniscus and/or cartilage injuries that would prevent functional rehabilitation, the knee joint is initially treated with physiotherapy. The goal of this first phase of treatment is to reduce pain and swelling, improve the range of movement and strengthen the muscles that stabilise the knee joint. During your postoperative check-ups in our sports traumatology clinic, your therapy concept will be adjusted further depending on how stable your knee is and the stress you are subjecting it to.

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