Gastronomic offer for patients

Our hospitality team is committed to providing a healthy and varied range of meals. Our services are tailored to your needs and are designed to support your well-being during your stay.

The hospitality team attaches great importance to a healthy and varied culinary offering. offers you a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Alternatively, you can choose from our “à la carte” menu. Those with supplementary insurance have further options to choose from.

Our products are sourced regionally wherever possible and our range is seasonal. We are actively committed to avoiding food waste and therefore offer half portions or various options at breakfast if desired. Our wholesome menus are produced fresh every day and brought directly to your patients’ rooms.

Special needs and diets for diabetics

Diabetics should preferably choose the Balance menu, which has been specially developed for patients who are not allowed to consume more than a certain amount of carbohydrates (45g – 50g per meal). At the University Hospital we offer kosher meals and all menus can be ordered without pork. Vegetarians and vegans are also catered for, although vegan is considered a special diet and is only available at the express request of our patients.

If you require a special diet or have questions about nutrition in connection with your illness, please speak to your medical team about our nutritional advice.

For relatives and visitors

Relatives and visitors have access to the catering services according to the patient’s insurance class.

We are happy to welcome you and your visitors or guests in our bistros NORD or SUED. A nice change of pace during your stay.