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Farewell Rolf Stahel – Looking back and forward

It is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to a special farewell symposium for our colleague and friend, Rolf Stahel.

Maskenpflicht und Händehygiene
Bei Kursen, Kongressen und Vorlesungen in USZ-Räumen gilt eine Maskenpflicht und Händehygiene. Die Zertifikatspflicht für Besucherinnen und Besucher entfällt.


Universitätsspital Zürich
Grosser Hörsaal OST, HOER B 10
Gloriastrasse 29
8091 Zürich




16.00 - 18.00 Uhr

Rolf Stahel has shaped the development of Oncology not only in Zürich and Switzerland, but also through the European Society of Medical Oncology with major outreach across the globe, e.g., with the initiation of closer cooperation between Europe and the Asia Pacific region by the introduction of the ESMO Asia Conferences. He has also been instrumental in joining forces of clinical and experimental cancer research in Zürich, through the Cancer Center Zürich, and more recently the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zürich – Zürich owes him a lot for his efforts!

External participants are only allowed to enter the USZ with an invitation from the organizers.

Therefore, please register via email to

Verantwortliche Fachbereiche

Comprehensive Cancer Center Zürich