Pregnancy Care

Pregnant! A special and exciting time is ahead of you. We accompany you lovingly through these sometimes turbulent months of pregnancy and take time for you, your questions, fears and concerns.

From the first signs of pregnancy to the birth of your child – it is a time full of joy, excitement and hope. And it is completely normal that many questions arise during this time. We at the USZ Obstetrics Clinic are here for you and accompany you with our services for expectant parents.

Pregnancy checks

We specialize in pregnancy checks and prenatal examinations. You can have pregnancy checks, ultrasounds and amniocentesis at our clinic. If any complications arise during pregnancy, you will receive direct care from us. For patients with supplementary insurance, the offer of private consultation hours is available.

Prenatal diagnostics

We offer various prenatal examinations to detect possible malformations and genetic diseases of the unborn child. In a detailed discussion, our doctors will determine the method that is right for you together with you.

Midwife consultation

In the midwife consultation we offer holistic support through pregnancy. This includes regular pregnancy checkups with detailed counseling, pre-natal consultations and post-natal care.

The midwife consultation is also available in the evening: we are there for you every Thursday until 9 pm.

One of our midwives talks about her experiences

Marianne Büeler-Dill has attended hundreds of births. She talks about it in our podcast.

Acupuncture during pregnancy

Acupuncture has proven to be a valuable healing method for use during pregnancy and childbirth. Our individual treatments, e.g. for morning sickness, breech presentation or preparation for birth, take place on Thursday afternoons from 1 to 4 p.m. in the outpatient obstetrics department (NORD 1, floor B).

External cephalic version

If the baby is in breech presentation, an external turn can still be performed before birth in some cases. If the baby can be turned and then lies head down, a spontaneous delivery can be attempted. Several of our female doctors perform this external turn.

Pre-natal talk

We would like to get to know you as a couple and discuss with you your personal wishes and needs for the birth and the postpartum period. During this interview you will have a first contact with one of our midwives. We recommend this talk to all women and couples who are planning a spontaneous birth at the USZ or who have experienced a traumatic birth and would like to inform us about it. The consultation is charged at CHF 100 as a pre-birth consultation. If you have not yet taken a childbirth preparation course, your health insurance will cover the costs.

Birth preparation and other courses

We offer various childbirth preparation courses as well as yoga for pregnant women. These courses are led by specially trained midwives and take place throughout the year.

Birth plan

We are happy to accommodate your ideas wherever possible. A birth plan offers the opportunity to consciously deal with the upcoming birth and to record ideas and wishes in writing. We invite you to put together your personal birth plan and discuss it with our midwives in advance or when you enter the unit.

Packing list for hospital stay

Our checklist will help you prepare for your hospital stay so you’re ready when your child announces himself.

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer your questions or make an appointment for one of our pregnancy services.

Tel. +41 44 255 50 42

What parents say about us

“I felt cared for and safe in the experienced hands of the entire obstetric team!”

Mommy of Leandro, Marlon and Nicolás, via Instagram

“Been in the prenatal unit at USZ for just under 4 weeks and couldn’t be in better hands! Doctors, midwives, the nursing staff, chaplains and the ladies of the hotel staff are incredibly nice and dedicated and make even a stay at the clinic beautiful! ❤️”

Steffi, via Google reviews

The most frequently asked questions about pregnancy and care at the USZ

The first signs of pregnancy can vary from woman to woman. A common early sign is the absence of menstruation. In addition, some women also notice symptoms such as tender breasts, fatigue, mild nausea, or an increased need to urinate frequently. Another possible sign is light bleeding, called implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. These signs do not occur in all women. A pregnancy test or an examination by a doctor can provide certainty.

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Even with an uncomplicated pregnancy, you are in the right place. We will gladly accompany you through your natural birth. In order to meet your wishes in the best possible way, we recommend a pre-birth consultation with the midwife, where you can already state your birth plan and your wishes. We would also like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with our building department through an individual guided tour.

In some women, birth begins with a rupture of the membranes with amniotic fluid leakage. In this case, report to the birthing room. A check-up will be performed, after which it will be decided whether you will be allowed to go home again or whether you will stay for the birth.

Often the birth also begins with contractions. Especially with the first child, it is not always easy to distinguish whether it is so-called preparatory labor or already the labor pains, because both can be painful. If you can still speak well during the contraction, then it is more likely to be preparatory labor. If the contractions come regularly every 5 minutes and you need to breathe through the contractions, you should check in with the midwives in the delivery room. If you notice any bleeding, call the birthing room as well.
Of course, we are always ready to listen to you if you feel uncomfortable or worried at home.

You can reach our midwives around the clock: +41 44 255 53 15

In uncomplicated pregnancies, seven checks are usually sufficient. The appointment for the first screening is usually scheduled after the 8th week of pregnancy. After that, additional check-ups are usually scheduled at intervals of about four weeks, and during the last month of pregnancy, check-ups may take place more often, depending on the situation.

Additional check-ups are possible at any time, especially if you have sudden symptoms such as bleeding or severe pain, or are concerned for any other reason.

It is worth making an initial appointment with a doctor or midwife in good time to ensure the best possible care during your pregnancy. You are welcome to register directly with us for your first screening.

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In early pregnancy, 50-80% of all pregnant women suffer from nausea. It is believed that hormonal changes, but also B vitamin deficiency are causative factors.

Avoid foods that trigger nausea and eat several light meals throughout the day.
Taking a snack like rusks, crispbread or even ginger tea right after getting up can bring relief.
Stress reduction in the morning as well as exercise in the fresh air can help. For individual consultation you are welcome to present yourself in our polyclinic, depending on the level of suffering and severity, medication or acupuncture may also be prescribed.

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You can prevent heartburn by eating several small meals. Make sure the food is not too greasy or too spicy. Carbonated drinks or coffee can also promote heartburn. Eating too late in the evening is not recommended.

If heartburn does occur, a glass of milk after a meal can provide relief. Chewing nuts and almonds, some oatmeal or a piece of white bread can also help. Likewise, it is recommended to rather elevate the upper body. If you prefer to lie down, then the left-side position is preferable.

If heartburn affects you a lot and you suffer from it, be sure to address this. Your healthcare provider may also prescribe acid blockers in certain cases.