Interventional Cardiology

In the interventional cardiology department at the University Hospital Zurich, diseases of the coronary arteries and heart valves are treated using minimally invasive techniques and interventions are carried out to prevent strokes. This area is made up of the Andreas Grüntzig cardiac catheter laboratories for coronary interventions and the group for structural interventions.

Andreas Grüntzig Cardiac Catheter Laboratories

Doctors, nursing staff and secretariat of the Andreas Grüntzig Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories

The University Hospital Zurich is the birthplace of modern interventional cardiology. In 1977, Andreas Grüntzig performed the world’s first balloon dilatation (angioplasty / PTCA) of a coronary vessel in the cardiac catheter laboratories named after him, revolutionizing the treatment of heart attacks and chronic coronary heart disease.

Today, the Andreas Grüntzig cardiac catheter laboratories care for over 3,000 patients a year with an experienced team of interventional cardiologists and specially trained nursing staff. The entire spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic methods of modern interventional cardiology is available for individualized and patient-centered therapy. In addition to providing 24/7 acute care for heart attack patients from the greater Zurich area, as a supra-regional maximum care center we also support other hospitals by taking over and continuing treatment of highly complex and seriously ill patients with coronary heart disease.

Andreas Grüntzig Fellowship

Structural heart interventions

The treatment of structural heart disease is a highly specialized area of the Clinic for Cardiology. In close cooperation with the cardiac surgery clinic, modern minimally invasive, catheter-guided therapy procedures are offered as an alternative to open heart surgery for patients with valvular heart disease. These gentle procedures usually only require a short hospital stay. Together with our colleagues in cardiac surgery, we decide on the best treatment method for each individual patient. The procedures are carried out in a fully equipped hybrid operating theater in which all treatment options are available.

History of percutaneous coronary angiography

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Interventional Cardiology Team

Christian Templin, Prof. Dr. Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 44 255 95 85
Specialties: Complex coronary interventions, Acute coronary syndrome incl. Cardiogenic shock with cardiac support system (Impella), Transcatheter valve interventions

Albert Markus Kasel, Prof. Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 44 255 85 99
Specialties: Catheter-based interventional heart valve procedures (TAVI and TEER with clip systems)., Structural cardiac interventions (atrial appendage occlusion/PFO occlusion/ASD occlusion/complex problem interventions).

Barbara Stähli, Prof. Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Vice Director of Department, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 44 255 11 11
Specialties: Complex coronary interventions, functional coronary diagnostics (vasospastic angina and coronary microvascular dysfunction), Transcatheter aortic valve replacement, Clinical research (coronary and structural heart disease)

Alexander Gotschy, Dr. med.

Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology
Attending Physician, Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Tel. +41 43 253 78 90
Specialties: Interventional cardiology, Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (cardiac MRI), Imaging of congenital heart defects

Philipp Jakob, Dr. med.

Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 43 253 94 38
Specialties: Complex catheter-based coronary interventions/rotablation, Persistent foramen ovale (PFO) and atrial appendage occlusion

Jonathan Michel, Dr. med.

Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 43 253 11 58
Specialties: Catheter-based interventional valve procedures, Coronary interventions

Julia Stehli, PD Dr. med. Dr. phil.

Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 43 253 22 98
Specialties: Treatment of coronary heart disease (stenting), Minimally invasive catheter-based valve interventions, Diagnosis and treatment of microvascular dysfunction

Alessandro Candreva, Dr. med.

Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 43 253 08 23
Specialties: Coronary interventions, Intracoronary physiology, Clinical research