CCCZ Research Area – Oncogenic Signaling

Focus Topics

  • Intercellular signals and intracellular signal transduction pathways
  • Developmental biology
  • Stem cell biology
  • Treatment resistance
  • Cellular mechanisms and molecular control of tissue invasion
  • Inflammation
  • Cell death
  • Tumor biomarkers
  • Tissue Repair/Wound Healing
  • Tumor Models
  • Outcome prediction of pharmacological interventions
  • Development of personalized cancer therapies
  • Organs: Brain, CRC, Childhood Leukemia, pediatric sarcomas, pleural mesothelioma

Specific Aims

  • Understand how cell-to-cell communication controls growth and patterning in development and disease
  • Understand molecular mechanisms of inflammation-associated diseases
  • Identify processes on the molecular, cellular and tumor pathophysiological level that regulate the response to radiotherapy and thereby co-determine treatment outcome
  • Determine molecular mechanisms underlying melanoma initiation, growth, and metastasis formation, with a particular focus on embryonic programs reactivated during tumorigenesis
  • Develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches

Research groups