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Forschungsgruppe PD Dr. med. Matthias Hilty


  • Real-time, in vivo quantification of the determinants of oxygen delivery and extraction in the tissue
  • Identification and targeting of microcirculatory dysfunction in critically ill patients
  • Development of algorithms and machine learning tools for in vivo red blood cell tracking
  • Linking the understanding of physiological processes with the advantages of big data analysis in large databases
  • Elucidate the effect of extracorporeal life support (ECCO2R, ECMO) on gas exchange and tissue perfusion
  • Understand the adaptation processes of the microcirculation to hypoxia


  • In-vivo dark field microscopy of the sublingual, skeletal muscle and intestinal microcirculation
  • Development and application of advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques for red blood cell tracking through dark field microscopy
  • Modern statistical and computational methodologies are applied to clinical studies, database applications and image sequences
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Intensivmedizin Forschung
Intensivmedizin Forschung
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Team Members

Matthias Hilty, PD Dr. med.

Oberarzt meV, Institut für Intensivmedizin

Tel. +41 43 253 80 63

Pedro David Wendel Garcia MSc ETH

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Institut für Intensivmedizin