Structural Heart Fellowship

The University Heart Center offers a 2-year fellowship in Structural Heart Interventions.

The program provides full training in all aspects of structural heart interventions. During this 2-year program, fellows acquire the theoretical and technical skills necessary to care for patients with structural heart disease. The fellowship program offers a core-procedural training in structural heart interventions such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) with Acurate Neo 2, SAPIEN 3, Corevalve, Navitor transcatheter heart valves; left atrial appendage closure with Watchman, Amulet devices; transcatheter mitral edge-to-edge repair (TEER) with MitraClip and PASCAL; transcatheter tricuspid valve repair and replacement; transcatheter mitral valve replacement; complicated structural intervention: paravalvular leak (PVL) closure, PFO closure, ASD closure. Fellows are expected and encouraged to participate in interventional research projects.

Jonathan Michel, MD: “After completing a structural interventional fellowship in Munich, Germany, with Dr Kasel, I am now working as a fully-trained structural interventional cardiologist in Zurich. My first-hand experience means that I have a personal approach to training new fellows!”


Mi Chen, MD: “I am a cardiac surgeon without any experience with transcatheter interventions. I learned all the transcatheter procedures here from zero. It offers me all the fundamental knowledges, procedural skills, and clinical research insight.”

For international candidates

Successful candidates should provide a German-language certificate (minimum level B2) at the beginning of their fellowship. Administrative support will be provided for the visa and working permit application process. Please be aware that we currently do not offer financial support or training grants. However, candidates will be supported in their grant applications (e.g. EAPCI).

How to apply

Applications should be sent by email to and include the following:

  • CV
  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Letter of motivation
  • Copy of diploma(s)
  • A confirmation of financing from an institution or grant
  • If already available, a German-language certificate (B2)
  • Reference letter(s)


Albert Markus Kasel, Prof. Dr. med.

Leitender Arzt, Bereichsleiter strukturelle Herzinterventionen, Klinik für Kardiologie
Leitender Arzt, Bereichsleiter strukturelle Herzinterventionen, Herzzentrum

Tel. +41 44 255 85 99
Spezialgebiete: Katheterbasierte interventionelle Herzklappeneingriffe (TAVI und TEER mit Klippsystemen), Strukturelle Herzinterventionen (Vorhofohrverschluss/PFO-Verschluss/ASD-Verschluss/komplexe Problemeingriffe)