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New Portfolio Startup: IMAI

Publiziert am 03. April 2024

We are pleased to present the latest addition to our portfolio: IMAI - Adding the 3rd Dimension to Cancer Detection.

IMAI, a Swiss MedTech start-up, is revolutionizing oncology diagnostics with its 3D histology technology. Co-founded by Robert Axelrod, Francesca Catto and Sascha Brun, the company has developed a fully automated robotic platform for processing biopsies and advanced software for 3D analysis.
IMAI’s technology aims to become an integral part of clinical practice, improving treatment plans and patient care worldwide. As a pioneering company, IMAI is committed to addressing the complexities of cancer diagnosis and treatment with the goal of making a significant impact on patient care.

We look forward to supporting IMAI’s mission to improve cancer diagnostics through automation and advanced 3D analysis.

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