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Portrait Jingjing Jiang

Jingjing Jiang
Dr. sc. ETH

Postdoktorandin Klinik für Neonatologie



Tumor oxygenation is one of the important biomarkers for diagnosis of cancer. Tumor hypoxia is often heterogeneous, i.e. showing different oxygenation levels in different parts of a single tumor. However, the lack of non-invasive measurement of distribution of tissue oxygenations sets obstacles to achieve this valuable information successfully.
Near Infrared Optical Tomography (NIROT) shows great potential to image tumor oxygenation levels non-invasively. NIROT is intrinsically sensitive to the quantities of Oxy-haemoglobin (O2Hb) and deoxy-haemoglobin (HHb), two major molecules to determine tissue oxygenation.  Moreover, the use of non-ionizing region of light and harmless intensities gives NIROT the strength to image objects non-invasively and continuously.  My project aims to develop a NIROT system for clinical applications.