Portrait Seline Coraj

Seline Coraj

Doktorandin, Klinik für Neonatologie


Tel. +41 43 253 29 40

Professional experience

After completing her Master of Neuroscience at the University of Geneva, she gained research experience in the field of developmental neuroimaging at the University of Zurich. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral degree on the impact of intrauterine growth restriction on brain development and its consequences on neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Research focus areas

She is interested in using neuroimaging techniques to better understand the evolution of the nervous system as well as both healthy and pathological neurodevelopment.

Current projects

Impact of intrauterine growth restriction on brain development and consequences for later neurodevelopmental outcome: a prospective cohort study (BrainDNIU).


Stussi, Y., Delplanque, S., Coraj, S., Pourtois, G., & Sander, D. (2018). Measuring Pavlovian appetitive conditioning in humans with the postauricular reflex. Psychophysiology, 55(8), e13073.