Clinics meets Data Science

Clinical Data Science focusses on developing computational software and databases. Enhanced digitalization and data volume at hospitals has increased the demand Data Science in the clinics to empower data driven precision medicine. Our symposium will showcase these efforts, highlight current and future applications and developments in clinical Data Science and discuss possibilities and opportunities that Data Science offers for the clinical daily routine.


University Hospital Zurich
Grosser Hörsaal WEST
Rämistrasse 100 / U12
8091 Zürich




9.00 - 18.00 Uhr

9.00 am Welcome
Abdullah Kahraman, University Hospital Zurich
Session 1: Current Data Science Technologies in Clinics
Chair: Aashil Batavia, USZ / ETH, Phil Cheng, University Hospital Zurich
9.10 am Keynote:
Privacy-Preserving Systems Medicine
Jan Baumbach, University of Hamburg, Institute of Computational Systems Biology
9.50 am AI-driven morphological and molecular profiling of intra-tumor renal cancer heterogeneity
Hella Bolck, University Hospital Zurich, Institute for Pathology and Molecular Pathology
10.20 am How modern data governance can enable clinical care and research
Elke Mittendorf, Directorate ICT, University Hospital Zurich
10.50 am Short Break
11.10 am From (routine) health data to FAIR research data: Scalable and sustainable efforts of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN)
Katrin Crameri, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Personalized Health Informatics
11.40 am Panel Discussion 1: Current Technologies / Applications / Problems
Chair: Abdullah Kahraman, University Hospital Zurich and Zsolt Balazs, University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich
12.15 pm Lunch Break
Session 2: Future Data Science Technologies in Clinics
Chair: Aashil Batavia, University Hospital Zurich, ETH and Phil Cheng, University Hospital Zurich
1.30 pm Keynote:
Pathogen surveillance using bioinformatics in Switzerland
Adrian Egli, University Hospital Basel, Clinical Microbiology
2.10 pm Topographic Biomarkers and Where to Find Them
Denis Schapiro, University Hospital Heidelberg, Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Institute of Pathology
2.40 pm The quest for trustworthy medical AI
Michael Krauthammer, University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich
3.10 pm Short Break
3.30 pm Application of Data Science and Computer Vision in Orthopedics
Philipp Fürnstahl, Balgrist University Hospital
4.00 pm Data Science in Molecular Tumor Boards
Kjong Lehmann, University Hospital Aachen
4.30 pm Keynote:
Grammar-based Interactive Visualization of Genome-Mapped Data with Gosling
Nils Gehlenborg, Harvard Medical School
5.10 pm Panel Discussion 2: Future of Clinical Data Science
Chair: Elke Mittendorf, University Hospital Zurich and Regina Grossmann, University Hospital Zurich
5.45 pm Closing Remarks


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