University Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology visiting scholar talk – „Targeting abnormal ten-eleven-translocation (TET) enzyme activity in DMG“

Dr. Eric H. Raabe


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15.00 - 16.00 CET

The seminar will be conducted through Zoom, and is composed of a 45-minutes lecture followed by questions from the audience.


Dr. Eric H. Raabe
Associate Professor of Pediatric Oncology and Pathology
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Pathology
Baltimore, United States
Seminar host: Prof. Javad Nazarian (


About Dr. Eric H. Raabe

Eric Raabe earned his MD and PhD from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and completed pediatrics residency at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After serving with the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative in Eswatini, he completed pediatric hematology/oncology and neuro-oncology fellowships at Johns Hopkins. He is now associate professor of pediatric oncology and pathology at Johns Hopkins, and a significant portion of his laboratory and clinical effort is devoted to studying DMG. He generated cell lines (JHH-DIPG1, JHH-DIPG16A as well as others) that are in use in pre-clinical testing on 3 continents and have been instrumental in some of the major studies published in DMG in the past 10 years. His laboratory is focused on targeting stem cell factors and their downstream effectors in DMG.

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