Spiritual welfare

We hospital chaplains at the USZ are happy to talk to all patients and relatives.

We have a lot of experience with the thoughts and worries that an illness or a stay in hospital can bring. Talking together allows you to tell your own story, express emotions and discover resources. We are trained theologians and hospital chaplains with an open heart for what moves you. We are available around the clock; we are also happy to put you in touch with chaplains from other religions.


We visit the patients of our denomination and all those who wish to visit us. On request, we can arrange contact with representatives of other religions (Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu), denominations and church communities. We are also available to hospital staff. Since August 2019, a team of volunteer Muslim chaplains with appropriate further training has been available. All counselors are bound by confidentiality.

Our service

We are regularly present in our departments and can be called from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. An on-call service is available in the evenings, at night and at weekends on 044 255 91 11.

Regardless of their world view, we offer patients and relatives supportive discussions, guidance and spiritual care. Perhaps you will also discover spiritual sources of strength during the conversation? We are happy to be there for you. On request, we pray together, bless, bring communion and communion. We will arrange a Catholic priest for the anointing of the sick. In emergency situations on the ward and in neonatology, we bless and baptize children with sensitivity and dignity.

The Muslim Chaplaincy Zurich offers pastoral care to Muslims in public institutions in the Canton of Zurich, for example during a hospital stay. The Muslim chaplains at the USZ are integrated into the pastoral care team. There are prayer facilities for people of Muslim faith in the hospital church and in the Room of Silence.

Every Sunday we celebrate church services at 10.15 a.m. in the hospital church; alternately reformed, catholic or ecumenical. Whether in a wheelchair, bed or on foot, you will be collected from your room and brought back again if necessary. Simply contact the nursing department.

Visitors from outside are also welcome.

The hospital church is open to everyone around the clock. It is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows by the artist Max Rüedi. There is the opportunity to light a candle or write a personal prayer in a book. It is located on Campus U Gel, right next to Bistro Süd.

Site plan

The Room of Silence is designed as a multi-faith space. It is always open. Concerns can also be written down here. It can be found in the North 2 entrance hall. Link Site plan.

Site plan

In keeping with a Jewish custom, a stone can be laid in the hospital church throughout the year in silent remembrance of patients who have died at the USZ. Memorial services for relatives and friends will be held this year on the Sundays of March 12, July 9 and November 12.

Mediation for employees and interested parties takes place every second Tuesday from 4.15 to 4.45 p.m. in the hospital church. No prior knowledge or registration is necessary. A warm welcome!


Our patient escort service collects patients for the church service on Sundays and accompanies them back to their hospital room after the service. The patient support service consists of volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested, you are welcome to register under the following link:

We are always looking for committed volunteers

Podcast USZ direct

As a hospital chaplain, Bernd Siemes is there for everyone at the USZ. He takes his time, listens, offers comfort and sometimes resorts to unconventional means if necessary. Listen in now!


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