The aim of the Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory (BORL) at the Department of Neonatology, University Hospital Zurich is to develop, test and clinically apply diagnostic tools using light. Thus it follows the modern trend of medical diagnostics, that is moving towards non-invasive, portable and inexpensive methods. The wide field of expertise and research includes:


For students

BORL is constantly looking for students to work on master/semester projects. We offer an exciting interdisciplinary environment at the crossroad of clinical medicine, physics, engineering and computer science. Our motivation is to develop, test and clinically apply methods that will be of benefit for the patients. Our main methods are near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and near-infrared optical tomography (NIROT). They are non-invasive and harmless, yet provide important clinical information on the oxygenation of tissue. If you want to apply your mechanical, electrical, or software engineering skills in a clinical field, you are very welcome to join us! We are also happy to host zivis!

Please send your CV to:

Currently available projects

Please note that most projects can also be adjusted to your skills and interests.


Martin Wolf, Prof. Dr. sc. tech.

Leiter Forschungslabor, Klinik für Neonatologie

Tel. +41 44 255 53 46

Postdoc and research fellows

Alexander Kalyanov, Ph.D.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Klinik für Neonatologie

Felix Scholkmann, PD Dr. sc. nat.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Klinik für Neonatologie

PhD students

Sabino Guglielmini, Dr. sc. ETH

Postdoktorand, Klinik für Neonatologie