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Research at the Department of Neuroradiology

The Department of Neuroradiology conducts clinical and basic research. Our dedicated team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and doctors works with cutting-edge neuroimaging technology. We regularly publish our findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals and present them at conferences.

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Core Research Topics

Clinical research

Our clinical projects focus on three medical areas:

  • Vascular and Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Neurooncology

Basic research

Our scientists apply advanced neuroimaging methods to a vast array of research questions and develop new MR methods.

  • Multimodal Imaging and Neurostimulation
  • MR Physics

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Current research projects

Neuroimaging methods can be applied to a wide range of research questions. Thus, our research projects cover diverse topics such as imaging for stroke, trauma, tumors, migraine, aging, and neuroimmunology. We also focus on CT imaging, and Head & Neck imaging. Additionally, our scientists develop new methods and optimize existing technologies for our own projects and our research partners.

PD Dr. phil. Lars Michels (Head of Basic Research) coordinates the research projects at our clinic and is your contact point for research collaborations.

Current Projects

Lars Michels, PD Dr. phil.

Senior Assistant, Klinik für Neuroradiologie

Spezialgebiete: Multimodal imaging (EEG, functional MRI, EEG-fMRI, Perfusion MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, MR spectroscopy, connectivity), Neurophysiology (cognition, attention, and resting-state)
Tel. +41 44 255 49 65
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We also conduct clinical studies

We regularly partner with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to conduct clinical studies. This allows us to test the newest drugs and innovative methods. Meanwhile, our team of experienced doctors and technical assistants lend our partners their experience to transfer research findings from the lab to the patient.

We are open to new collaborations and questions regarding a running clinical study.
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Imaging methods we use

Our research team uses a vast array of cutting edge imaging methods. On top of that, we work with neurostimulation, virtual reality devices and eye tracking. For more details on our devices see the Scanners & Equipment page.