Dermatologist online: teledermatological consultation

Benefit from our online consultation in case of an acute skin problem. Get an initial diagnosis from our dermatologists within 24 hours.

Dermatologist online: Digital consultation by dermatologists

Dermatology is particularly well-suited for digital consultation, as diagnoses in most cases are made via visual assessment of the skin.

In this way, skin changes such as acne, eczema, contact allergies or urticaria can be quickly examined and diagnosed by a specialist without wasting valuable time.

The observation and documentation of chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis can also be well captured by teledermatology.

Online consultation thus forms a valuable supplement to classic dermatology.

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Your advantages with an online dermatologist consultation

  • Flexible & time saving

Benefit from an appointment-free online appointment by renowned dermatologists. Save yourself long waiting times for an appointment and receive a treatment recommendation within 24h on weekdays.

  • Location-independent

Regardless of whether you are currently in Zurich, other cantons or abroad – dermatologists can be reached digitally from anywhere.

  • Prompt appointment

Our dermatologist determines that you need an on-site appointment? Benefit from prompt appointment and treatment of your skin problem.

  • Prescription & Medication

You will receive a doctor’s prescription if needed or you can request medication.

  • Doctor’s letter & therapy plan

For your records, you will receive a digital doctor’s letter and a therapy plan for your treatment.

How does the digital consultation of the University Hospital Zurich work?

The use of our online dermatology clinic service is simple and reliable. All you need is a digital device such as a PC, tablet or cell phone with Internet access.

1. Start request

Start your request: Fill out the validated medical questionnaire and upload images of the affected skin areas.

2. Register

Register once on the platform of our partner derma2go: your data is safe with us.

3. Pay

You can pay the cost of CHF 75 easily and conveniently with major credit cards or PayPal.

4. Dermatological diagnosis obtained

Within 24h you will receive a first diagnosis and a therapy recommendation from a specialist.

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Frequently asked questions

The digital consultation enables a quick start of treatment after a skin problem has become acute. New patients thus have easy and fast access to cutting-edge medicine. Chronic diseases of the skin can also be well controlled and observed.

The digital consultation enables a quick start of treatment after a skin problem has become acute. New patients thus have easy and fast access to cutting-edge medicine. Chronic diseases of the skin can also be well controlled and observed.

No, the offer is not suitable for medical emergencies. If such a case exists, please contact our dermatology department or the responsible emergency medical service by telephone.

Derma2go is a Swiss company with a digital platform for teledermatology services. We offer our online treatment via the derma2go digital platform.

Diseases that can only be diagnosed with the help of a biopsy or with the use of other tools are unsuitable for digital treatment. This includes a reliable diagnosis for skin cancer. While you are welcome to send in a mole, you will most likely be called in for further clarification.

When photographing the skin change, it is important that they take at least one overview shot with enough distance to the skin and about 2-3 more close-up shots from different perspectives. Make sure that the environment is bright, that there are no reflective elements in the image and check whether the images have become sharp.

If it becomes apparent during the digital treatment that an on-site appointment is required for more detailed examinations or treatments, this can be arranged promptly.

Both acute and chronic skin diseases can be diagnosed (non-exhaustive lists):

  • Acute skin problem: acne, abscesses, eczema, warts, allergic reactions, rash, insect bites, fungal infections.
  • Chronic (or chronically pronounced) skin disease: psoriasis, shingles, neurodermatitis

Various studies show that often no face-to-face doctor-patient contact is necessary to identify a disease. Especially in dermatology, as a visual subject, a therapy recommendation can be made by specialists after images and corresponding information have been transmitted. However, online counseling will not always be able to replace a visit to the doctor.

If our dermatologist has any queries during the evaluation of the medical questionnaire, he or she can contact you via the platform.

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Online skin check: Quick & convenient from home

Send a photo of the affected skin area and fill out the short questionnaire. Within 24 hours on weekdays, you will receive a reliable diagnosis from our experts. Your data will be transmitted to us encrypted and treated confidentially.

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