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Organ centers of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich

As an interdisciplinary oncology center of excellence, the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich offers cancer patients a precise diagnosis, innovative treatment options and personalized care. We are here to support you.

At our 17 interdisciplinary organ centers, surgeons, oncologists, radiation therapists and other cancer experts work closely together to provide diagnostic and therapeutic concepts according to the highest medical standards. This includes surgery, molecular diagnostics, imaging technologies, radiation therapy, and targeted system therapies. At our weekly tumor boards, interdisciplinary teams of oncology specialists from various disciplines provide diagnosis and treatment recommendations for each individual patient. We develop and offer innovative clinical trials allowing our patients to benefit from novel anti-cancer treatments and the latest research results. Our supportive counseling and treatment services offer individual treatments for a comprehensive physical, psychosocial and emotional care.

Please contact our specialized organ centers for appointments and inquiries about diagnostic and therapeutic offers.